the National Register Districts in Tulsa ; Oklahoma

( Tulsa に関してはこちら )
<<National Register of Historic Places>>
Tulsa にはたくさんの National Register of Historical Places( 約 80 件 ) があります。

<<National Register Districts in Tulsa>>
National Register Districts もたくさんあります。

1)Blue Dome Historic District
Route 66 沿い S.Kenosha & S.Detroit Ave. の間。Frisco Railroad Track & E. 8th St.
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2)Brady Heights Historic District
Marshall and Easton St. and Denver and Vheyenne Ave.
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3)Brady Historic District
aong E/W Cameron and E/W Archer, from N. Boulder to N. Detroit
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4) Buena Vista Park Historic District
bounded by W. 18th St., S., rear lot lines of the eastern side of S. Cheyenne Ave., W., W. 21st St., S., and Riverside Dr./S. Carson
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5) Carlton Place Historic District
Bounded by W. 14th St., S., S. Carson Ave., W., W. 15th St., S., and S. Cathage Ave., W.
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6)Civic Center Historic District
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7) Gillette Historic District
Bounded by S. Yorktown and S. Lewis Aves, E. 15th and E. 17th Sts.
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8)KATY Railroad Historic District
along W. Easton and the old KATY Railroad Right-of-Way between N. Cheyenne and N. Boston Aves.
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9) Maple Ridge Historic Residential District
bounded by Hazel Boulevard, S. Peoria Ave., 14th St., and Railroad
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10)North Cheyenne Avenue Historic District
along East/West Frisco Tracks and alley between W. Archer and W. Brady Sts., N. Denver and alley between N. Boulder
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11)Oil Capital Historic District
between 3rd and 7th Sts. and Cincinnati and Cheyenne Aves.
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12)Owen Park Historic District
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13) Ranch Acres Historic District
bounded by E. 31 St., S. Harvard Ave, E. 41st St., and S. Delaware and S. Florence Aves.
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14) Riverside Historic Residential District
bounded by the Midland Railway Bike Trail, Riverside Dr., S. Boston Ave., E. 24th St., and E. 21st St.
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15) Riverview Historic District
bounded by W. 12th and 13th Sts., S., east of S. Elwood Ave., W., W. 14th Place, S., S. Riverside Dr., and S. Jackson Ave.
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16)Sixth Street Commercial/Residential Historic Street
along E. 6th St. from S. Peoria Ave. to the north/south alley between Quaker and Quincy Aves.
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17) Stonebraker Heights Historic District
bounded by W. 15th St., S., an alley east of South Cheyenne Ave., W., W. 17th St., S., and S. Elwood Ave., W.
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18) Swan Lake Historic District
bounded by E. 15th St., S. Utica Ave., E. 21st St., and S. Peoria Ave.
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19) Tracy Park Historic District
bounded by Norfolk, Peoria, 11th, and 13th Sts.
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20) Tulsa Civic Center Historic District
Between W. 3rd & 6th St. & S. Houston & Denver Aves.

21)White City Historic District
bounded by E. 2nd St., S. Fulton Ave., the former St. Louis – San Francisco railroad tracks, E. 11th St., and S. Yale Ave.
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22)Whittier Square Historic District
Lewis Avenue,とZunis Avenue, との間。East First, & Interstate 244, Tulsa
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ダウンタウンタルサの東にある 7 ブロック領域。
Tulsa での初郊外型ショッピングセンターで、
1914 年から 1965 年までは、地区の成長と発展において重要な役目を果たしていた場所。。

23)Yorktown Historic District
bounded by 16th and 17th Sts., Victor and Wheeling Aves., 20th St., and Lewis Ave.
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