Standing on the Corner : Winslow Arizona

<<Standing on the corner>>
( Winslow に関してはこちら )
Kinsley Ave. と 2 nd St. の角にある Winslow で一番有名な所。
Jackson Browne と Glenn Frey が作り、
Eagles が歌ってヒットした「Take it Easy」の歌詞の中に出てくる情景を再現した街角。

ここは 1998 年に Standing on the Corner Park となった。
歴史ある J.C. Penny-Pasco Building の壁だったのが、
2004 年に火事になり、残った壁 1 枚が背景のようになっている。

Eagles が 1972 年に最初のヒットシングル「Take It Easy」を掲げてやってきた時、
「standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona」の詩が好意的に町の地図の上に書かれたが、
Winslow のダウンタウンの町はやがて、寂れてしまった。

<Winslow Corner{1}>Photo courtesy of  ”The Road Wanderer”

Winstanding>Photo courtesy of  ”The Road Wanderer”
後ろの絵は「Take it easy」をイメージして描かれただまし絵。

「Take it Easy」歌詞
Well, I'm running down the road
tryin' to loosen my load
I've got seven women on
my mind,
Four that wanna own me,
Two that wanna stone me,
One says she's a friend of mine
Take It easy, take it easy
Don't let the sound of your own wheels
drive you crazy
Lighten up while you still can
don't even try to understand
Just find a place to make your stand
and take it easy

Well, I'm a standing on a corner
in Winslow, Arizona
and such a fine sight to see
It's a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed
Ford slowin' down to take a look at me

Come on, baby, don't say maybe
I gotta know if your sweet love is
gonna save me
We may lose and we may win though
we will never be here again
so open up, I'm climbin' in,
so take it easy

Well I'm running down the road trying to loosen
my load, got a world of trouble on my mind
lookin' for a lover who won't blow my
cover, she's so hard to find
Take it easy, take it easy
don't let the sound of your own
wheels make you crazy
come on baby, don't say maybe
I gotta know if your sweet love is
gonna save me, oh oh oh
Oh we got it easy
We oughta take it easy

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